Oatcakes & Milkshakes
keeping you safe.

Due to the recent global pandemic, we’ve made some changes in store to ensure you have the safest experience possible. Check out all the changes below!

O&M COVID Table Service

Table Service

We now have dedicated staff members to take your order directly from your table, our staff also have dedicated safe distance areas to stand when taking your order.

O&M COVID Track & Trace

Track & Trace

UPDATE / Track & Trace is no longer required when visiting us in store.

O&M COVID Button

Service Button

We’ve introduced a service button to each table, this will help reduce any waiting times. All you have to do is click the button and a member of staff will be over.

O&M COVID Booths

Booth Seating

We’ve changed all our in store seating to booth seating, we’ve also added extra protective screens between each booth to give you maximum protection.

O&M COVID Cleaning

Enhanced Cleaning

We’ve added extra cleaning to our already large cleaning schedule. This now includes extra cleaning of high touch areas. We also clean down every booth and menu screen before a new customer is sat, ensuring your area is clean.


Face Masks

Face masks are no longer a legal requirement but we do recommend using them when entering & leaving our store.

O&M COVID Tempretures

Smart Legals

We’ve introduced brand new smart fridge temperature sensors, probes and smart date labels to help reduce high touch areas for staff.


App Ordering

You can now place your collection orders via our ‘Oatcakes & Milkshakes’ application in your phones app store, this ensures you can collect at a specific time to ease store congestion.


COVID Signage

We’ve increased our in store signage to ensure doorways and high use areas are always kept clear for both staff members & customers.

O&M COVID Screens

Protective Screens

We’ve introduced protective screens along our staff work area, this means you can safely see our open kitchen.